How to: Create a new web page

After logging in as an ETS administrative user:

  1. Left-click the “Create Web Page” submenu item from the Content Management menu on the right column of the screen.
  2. In the text box entitled “Title”, enter the title of the new page to be created.
  3. In the text area labeled “Body”, enter the textual content to be presented on the new web page. *
  4. If you would like to specify a custom web site path to your new page, click the text “URL path settings.” A textbox will appear that will allow you enter the new path for your page. For example, entering the text “test_page” for the URL Path setting will create a new web page at
  5. If you would like web site users to be able to leave comments on this page, click the text “Comment Settings.” Select the radio option “Read/Write” to enable this feature.
  6. Left-click the “Preview” button to ensure that your post is ready for publication.
  7. Left-click the “Submit” button to create your page. It will automatically become accessible to the public. **

* If you would like to enter XHTML/CSS content, click the text “disable rich-text” underneath this text area box.

** If you do not want this page to be accessible by all users, navigate to the path you created for it while logged in as an ETS Admin, and then select the button “Access Control” from the local menu tasks. From here you may control the account types capable of viewing, editing, and deleting this individual page.