How to: Edit officer profiles

After logging in as an ETS administrative user:

  1. Left-click the “Edit officer profiles” submenu item from the Content Management menu on the right column of the screen.
  2. Left-click the “Edit Officer”, “Edit Education/Profession”, or “Delete” text associated with the officer account you would like to modify.

If you selected “Edit Officer”:

  1. You may now use the dropdown boxes presented to either change the individual member associated with a particular officer, or change the office associated with a particular member.
  2. To return to the previous page, left-click the “Administer Officers” link.

If you selected “Edit Education/Profession”:

  • You may now create or modify a profile for this individual officer. This profile will be accessible by the public from

If you selected “Delete”:

  • The officer position you selected will be deleted. The user previously associate with that position will revert to normal member status.