Manage Email Preferences

Dear Members,

It has recently come to our attention that some members have not received ETS emails.* After looking into the matter, it is likely due to the member unsubscribing from an email that came from ETS, which prevents all future emails to that email address. In some cases the member was unaware of having unsubscribed from ETS emails.

If you have not received notifications by email about registration deadlines and other news pertaining to the annual meeting over the past few months, you may be unsubscribed. We are unable to change that on our end, so if you have not been receiving ETS emails, you can try one of the following:

1. If you can find an old email from ETS, you can click on “update profile” at the bottom of the email and change your settings to be put back on our email list. In some cases it may be under “manage my preferences” or something similar.

2. If you cannot find an old email from ETS, you may need to provide a different email address in your profile. You can either change your email address yourself by logging into your account, or contact us at for assistance.

*Email is our primary means of communicating with ETS members, and we want to be sure we are able to reach you with news about proposals, registration, and conference information, as well as any other important ETS business. We also send occasional emails from publishers who share information on recent publications, discount prices for members and conference registrants, etc.