The Necessity of Work for Spiritual Formation

In Genesis 2:15, Scripture tells us that God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. This is a vital part of understanding that we were created by God to be people who work. The Fall of humanity had not occurred yet, and still God desired … Read more

John as Pastor in His Letters

In the introduction to his magisterial commentary on John’s letters, Robert Yarbrough devotes two paragraphs to what these letters contribute to our understanding of pastoral ministry. I have not found any similar attention to examining what we see of John as a pastor in his letters in other commentaries. However, John invites us to see … Read more

Dualistic Wholism: A Theological Anthropological Construct for Dissociative Disorders

Psychiatrists and psychologists have studied the causes, context, and treatments of dissociative disorders. A theological viewpoint that considers the complete human nature, both material and immaterial, can offer a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges associated with dissociative issues. Therefore, the central thesis of this paper posits that dualistic wholism serves as an appropriate theological … Read more

Step One in the Process of a Sacramental Sermon: The Preparation (Spirituality) of the Preacher

Recently I had a book published titled Introduction to Spirituality: Cultivating a Lifestyle of Faithfulness (Baker Academic, 2023). In this contribution to Baker Academic’s Foundations for Spirit-Filled Christianity series, I promoted a Pauline, fully trinitarian, theologically real, “I-Thou,” lifestyle spirituality. This is a Spirit-empowered, Christ-honoring, God-the-Father pleasing way of being in the world that produces … Read more

What Christ Has Renewed: Singleness and New Humanity

Based on the biblical evidence, especially from the New Testament, this paper will argue that Christ’s coming, i.e. his incarnation, earthly ministry, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, has renewed many things including singleness. Through Christ’s mission, God created a new humanity (Eph 2), to whom are given a new covenant, new command, new identity, and new … Read more

In Our Missional Work, the Holy Spirit Cares About Our Bodies

This paper shares the author’s research on the biological extent to which the Holy Spirit supports individuals acting in their Imago Dei missional calling or, more simply stated, in our missional work, the Holy Spirit cares for our bodies. The premise is that the Holy Spirit uses and revitalizes an individual’s capabilities through engagement with … Read more