Apologetical Fiction: Stories As Christian Witness in a Postmodern Context

From Nathan’s ovine rebuke of David through Bunyan’s Pilgrim and Lewis’ Narnian fantasies, stories have been used throughout history to precipitate encounters with truth. In the twentieth century, through the work of philosophers like Sartre and Derrida, story has been, in a sense elevated from a tool available for communication and instruction to sum of … Read more

Engaging Global Evangelicalism on the Doorstep by Cultural Intelligence

Globalization of migration creates opportunities for missions on our doorstep. In Hong Kong, the number of ethnic minorities increased by 37% over the past ten years. Further, more Chinese from mainland China immigrated to Hong Kong. While the world focuses on the development of AI, fewer people are concerned about the development of relations between … Read more

Pastoral Polemics: An Argument for Controversialists

Generally, the study of rhetoric examines language used in persuasion. Corbett and Conners define rhetoric as “The art or the discipline that deals with the use of discourse, either spoken or written, to inform or persuade or motivate an audience.” In his classic work On Rhetoric, Aristotle explained, “rhetorical study, in its strict sense, is … Read more

The 2CD Gospel: Gospel Insights from the Revised Minkov-Hofstede Cultural Dimensions (CD)

Correctly understanding cultural differences is essential in global evangelism. One can gain a significantly better cultural understanding with the Revised Minkov-Hofstede Cultural Dimensions (RMHCD). This paper contributes to this understanding by providing gospel insights from the two cultural dimensions of RMHCD: individualism versus collectivism and monumentalism versus flexibility. Individualism versus collectivism is well-known, while monumentalism … Read more

“A Hopeless Task”? Searching for Francis Schaeffer’s Intellectual Heritage

Francis Schaeffer once remarked, “I think anybody who searches for only one or two people to explain my positions and my attitudes is pursuing a hopeless task.” Schaeffer does not give a comprehensive list of who he is indebted to intellectually. Nevertheless, much has been written concerning who played a significant influence in Schaeffer’s life … Read more

Promised Divine Bliss: A Christian Analysis of Transcendental Meditation

As Christianity’s cultural influence wanes, different versions of spirituality have increased their prominence in Western society. Eastern forms of spirituality have been growing in the West since the latter half of the twentieth century, Transcendental Meditation in particular. First established by Maharishi Mahesh, Transcendental Meditation spread quickly from India to Europe and the United States … Read more