Women in the Church: A Practical Proposal Prioritizing Unity

The longstanding conversation about the biblical understanding of the role of women in the church has led to a plethora of local church expressions of this theology, all of which sit across a wide spectrum of what has been termed “complementarian” and “egalitarian.” Amid heated debates and stalemates over how to interpret and apply certain … Read more

Luke 24:8 and Luke’s Characterization of Female Disciples

The Gospel according to Luke generally is recognized for its positive presentation of women in the ministry of Jesus. The proposed presentation will begin with a brief description of Luke’s characterization of women in general, highlighting passages unique to his Gospel. Within this context, the role of the women in the first resurrection scene (24:1-12) … Read more

Is Man the Head of Woman? Revisiting Kephalē in 1 Cor 11:3

1 Corinthians 11:2-16 has been considered one of the most difficult passages to interpret in all of Paul’s letters. From head coverings, to hair length, to angels (or messengers?) watching on, the exegetical challenges are too many to count. One thing seems fairly clear, however: Paul’s leading theological statement about man being the “head” (kephalē) … Read more