1 Timothy 3:16 — A New Perspective, Evangelical Quarterly, Vol LXXXV No. 2 April 2013, 105-120

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Martin, Brice L. “1 Timothy 3:16 — A New Perspective.” Evangelical Quarterly Vol LXXXV No. 2 (April 2013): 105-120.



In 1 Tim 3:16a ‘The mystery of godliness’ may refer not only to Christ as saviour, but also as example. The six lines of 3:16b are based not on a chronology of the Christ event, or on noun couplets, or a chiastic structure that alternates between heaven and earth, but on personal roles in bringing salvation. The basic movement is the descent (line 1) and ascent (line 6) of Christ. The six lines present the role of God (1, 6), Christ (1), Holy Spirit (2), angels (3), and humans (4, 5) in saving sinners (cf. 1:15).


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