A Hermeneutic of Wisdom: Recovering the Formative Agency of Scripture

Bibliographic information:

Dryden, J. de Waal. A Hermeneutic of Wisdom: Recovering the Formative Agency of Scripture. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2018.



How does the Bible shape us in our deepest affections and convictions? In this book, experienced teacher and scholar J. de Waal Dryden develops an integrated hermeneutic that connects the Bible to spiritual formation and the development of Christian virtues. He argues that this is actually what the Bible was written for and explains how to develop reading strategies built around this central conviction. Dryden challenges conceptions of the Bible as a collection of texts whose primary purpose is to communicate theology, ethics, or history. He asserts that the whole Bible can be understood as a wisdom text that directs its readers morally, shapes them in their deepest affections and convictions, and impacts how they look at the world and live in it.


Baker Academic (website: http://bakerpublishinggroup.com/books/a-hermeneutic-of-wisdom/380210)

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