A Nineteenth-Century New England Exegete Abroad: Adoniram Judson and the Burmese Bible

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deJong, John. “A Nineteenth-Century New England Exegete Abroad: Adoniram Judson and the Burmese Bible.” Harvard Theological Review, 112.3 (2019): 319-339.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S0017816019000142



Adoniram Judson’s life and work have long been the subject of popular and scholarly interest, but the intellectual and exegetical background for his Burmese Bible translation has not been closely studied. This background was the biblical studies movement in New England, which began in the early nineteenth century and flourished before declining and eventually disappearing by about 1870. The opposing New England orthodox Calvinist and liberal Unitarian schools were equally involved in the movement. Judson was an early product of Andover Theological Seminary, the center for orthodox Calvinism in New England. From 1816 to 1840 Judson translated the Bible into Burmese and his references to the scholarly works he used, along with the text-critical and interpretive decisions in his Bible translation, identify him as an ongoing participant in the New England biblical studies movement. This scholarly background helps us understand interpretive decisions in the Judson Bible, which is still the main Burmese version used by Protestants in Myanmar.


Cambridge University Press (website: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/harvard-theological-review/article/nineteenthcentury-new-england-exegete-abroad-adoniram-judson-and-the-burmese-bible/F071D56C5D785F21238CDEE27DADA06E)

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