A Once Mighty Faith: Reclaiming the central teaching of Jesus, reengaging the miraculous

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Noe, John. A Once Mighty Faith: Reclaiming the central teaching of Jesus, reengaging the miraculous. East2west Press: 2016.



Today most churches rarely mention the kingdom, let alone preach, teach, obey, and practice its established reality and intrinsic elements. For centuries, even theologians have been divided over its time of arrival and nature. All this confusion and confounding differences have led to a number of conflicting beliefs, behaviors, and avoidance practices that have no foundation in the Bible. And yet, they have long held sway over countless Christians.

The fact now is, the concept of the kingdom of God—the central teaching of Jesus Christ—has become corrupted and doctrinally written out of the faith by the traditions of men. Consequently, our “once mighty faith” termed Christianity is now characterized as having been “tamed.” Ironically, this taming was not the result of outside opposing forces. Rather, it’s the product of sabotage, neglect, and ignorance from within. Again, we inhabitants of planet Earth are paying a huge and dreadful price for this deficiency.

As you will discover, what we are witnessing in America, North America, and Western Europe, especially, is the decline of a civilization. Sadly, most churches therein are oblivious to this decline and/or unable, unwilling, and incapable of doing anything about it. Why so? Because we have lost the central teaching of Jesus and our kingdom orientation.

Therefore, I believe the greatest need of the Church universal today is to reclaim the central teaching of Jesus, the kingdom of God—i.e., its revelation, established reality, and available power, miraculous gifts, and ministry effectiveness. This book is dedicated and directed toward this goal, purpose, and end.


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