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Graham, Keith H C. “Africa” in To The Ends Of The Earth: 100 Years of Serving Together with AMT.(eds) Ken Newton, Andrew Chan. Brisbane: AMT, 2010, pp129-178.


Cross-Cultural Mission is a part of the DNA of Christian (Plymouth) Brethren Churches world wide. During the past century more than 1,000 individuals from Australian Christian (Plymouth) Brethren congregations have been involved in cross-cultural missionary work either amongst Australian Aborigines or in overseas locations. “To the Ends of the Earth”, the AMT centenary book edited by Ken Newton and Andrew Chan, brings together the contributions of eight writers to present this story. In most cases the writers have had a close link to the geographical area they have treated, which adds to the richness of the presentations. The figure show that over the century, approximately one percent of membership have served cross-culturally at some time in their adult years. The chapter on “Africa” was contributed by Dr Keith Graham describes the amazing successful Cross-Cultural Mission work of over 120 people sent to Africa from Australian Christian Brethren Churches.


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