Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1: POWER Living Through the Truth

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Keen, Brian. Applied Business Ethics, Volume 1: POWER Living Through the Truth. iUniverse, 2012.



The Truth can be known with Theanthropic Ethics, which is one of the few scientific ethical categories. Only Theanthropic Ethics understands that there is one universally applicable Truth. The Truth has practical application in every enterprise, business, or profession.

Any business, enterprise, or profession operating in an ethical manner will have the necessary POWER to succeed. Accounting is featured since accountants as professionals must utilize scientific methodologies.

Businesses and enterprises require POWER Living People to employ, since ethical employees are an asset in Truth. Many entrepreneurs are POWER Living People.

Dr. Keen proves through conclusions from objective data that the Truth has relevance for today.

Ethical dilemmas can be resolved through adherence to the Truth. For example, would you allow a cashier to accept two $5 bills for a product costing $45, and give a $10 bill for change? Would adherence to a philosophy that 5 + 5 = 55 be sufficient?

Dr. Keen knows the Truth that 5 + 5 = 10 when the same types are added. Living the Truth is ethical when utilizing this scientifically-verifiable ethical category, which is confirmed in Theanthropic Ethics.


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