Called Along the Way: A Spiritual Memoir

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Hiemstra, Stephen W. Called Along the Way: A Spiritual Memoir. Centreville, VA: T2Pneuma Publishers LLC, 2017.



Called Along the Way describes my faith journey from unbeliever to believer, from cultural Christian to active disciple, from disciple to realization of call, and from seminary to early ministry. Unlike Adam and Eve, my story does not begin the Garden of Eden. If you too have struggled with your faith walk, then my story may offer solace. Even in our baby steps of faith, God promises to walk with us.

Hear the words; Walk the steps; Experience the joy!

The cover image comes from a woodcut called a Nauis Socialis Mechanicorum (Social Ship of Mechanics) attributed to the artist Albrecht Dürer. This woodcut is better known as the Ship of Fools.


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