Carl F. H. Henry on the Holy Spirit

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Payne, Jesse M. Carl F. H. Henry on the Holy Spirit. Studies in Historical and Systematic Theology. Bellingham, WA: Lexham Academic, 2021.


None doubt the influence of Carl F. H. Henry, the “theological architect” of contemporary evangelicalism. Through his prolific writing and editorial role in Christianity Today, Henry is known for addressing contemporary theology, individual and social ethics, and cultural criticism. But he has been critiqued for an underdeveloped pneumatology.

In Carl F. H. Henry on The Holy Spirit, Jesse M. Payne argues that Henry cannot truly be understood apart from his mature pneumatology. The Spirit plays a vital role in three major areas of Henry’s theology: revelation, ecclesiology, and ethics. These seemingly disparate topics are tied together by his view of a Spirit-inspired Bible ordering a Spirit-enlivened body composed of Spirit-filled believers.

Readers will gain a more holistic view of Henry, the role of the Spirit in his life and thought, and early neo-evangelical theology.

Endorsers include: Timothy George, David S. Dockery, Thomas R. Schreiner, Malcolm B. Yarnell III, Thomas S. Kidd, Jason G. Design, and Geoffrey Chang.


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