Christian Reflection in Africa: Review and Engagement

Bibliographic information:

Bowers, W. Paul, Christian Reflection in Africa, (Carlisle, UK: Langham Global Library, 2018. xvi, 784 pages); 27 cm



This reference collection presents academic reviews of more than twelve-hundred contemporary Africa-related publications relevant for informed Christian reflection in and about Africa. The collection will be of special interest to academic scholars, theological educators, libraries, ministry leaders, and specialist researchers in Africa and worldwide, but will also engage any reader looking for a convenient resource relating to modern Africa and Christian presence there.

Reviews have been provided by a team of more than one hundred contributors drawn from throughout Africa and overseas. The books and other media selected for review represent a broad cross-section of interests and issues, of personalities and interpretations, including the secular as well as the religious. The core intention of this compilation is to encourage and to facilitate informed Christian reflection and engagement in Africa, through a thoughtful encounter with the published intellectual life of the continent.


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