Christian Relationship with the World: Evangelicalism and the World Religions

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Boyd, Robert. “Christian Relationship with the World: Evangelicalism and the World Religions.” Direction Journal: A Mennonite Brethren Forum, 39, 2 (Fall, 2010): 244-254.



The theology of relationships is vital, not only for those who wish to be relevant in their theology today, but for those who seek to understand the mind of God. In this paper I wish to focus on the Christian relationship as it pertains to the world. I will address this focal point from an evangelical perspective. While evangelicalism has exhibited tolerance toward those of other theological persuasions (in some cases), it has lacked a tolerance toward those of other faith-traditions, individuals in the world. It is this relationship, i.e., between evangelical Christians and members of other religions, that I wish to direct our attention. I will claim that evangelical Christians should embrace a position that is both agnostic and optimistic as they seek relationships with members of other faith-traditions. In order to accomplish this task I will begin by briefly laying forth foundational information. Then in the second section, I present five general observations pertinent to constructing an evangelical theology of Christian relationship with the world, i.e., those outside of the Christian faith.]


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