Consecutive Exposition: A Weighing of Iain H. Murray’s “Time for Caution”

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Trumper, Tim J.R. Consecutive Exposition: A Weighing of Iain H. Murray’s “Time for Caution”.
From His Fullness: Grand Rapids, 2014.



When Rev. Iain H. Murray ~ erstwhile assistant to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, cofounder of The Banner of Truth Trust, and admired church historian ~ speaks to an issue, conservative Reformed Christians sit up and take notice. Unsurprisingly, then, his 2010 caution pertaining to the prevalence of the consecutive exposition of Scripture has been republished more recently on popular websites.

Now Tim J.R. Trumper, committed expositor and pastor-theologian, weighs Iain Murray’s caution, offering an analysis of its welcome emphases and areas of weakness. In the process, he defends consecutive exposition and suggests ways the method of preaching can be enhanced today.

Preachers and congregants sharing Rev. Murray’s and Dr. Trumper’s united belief in the significance of preaching for the health of the church, and wanting to join the discussion of today’s pulpit ministry, will find in Tim J. R. Trumper’s study much to further the conversation in constructive ways.


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