“Dancing Around the Black Box: The Problem and Metaphysics of Perichoresis”

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Woznicki, Christopher. “Dancing around the Black Box: The Problem and Metaphysics of Perichoresis.” Philosophia Christi 22.1 (2020): 103-121.



Giving the impression that perichoresis solves the “threeness-oneness problem” or the “two natures–one person problem” without an explanation of how perichoresis works is problematic; as such, an explanation of perichoresis ought to be provided. I provide one way to address this problem by drawing upon the work of Eleonore Stump. In contrast to approaches that avoid the metaphysics of perichoresis I provide an account of the metaphysics of perichoresis and suggest that a Stump-inspired account of perichoresis—that is, an account that places an emphasis on the notion of sharing some aspect of the mental life—deserves serious attention by those who feel the weight of the problematic use of perichoresis.


Philosophia Christi (website: https://www.epsociety.org/philchristi/default.asp)

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