Early Pentecostal Stirrings in Tasmania, 1910-1933

Bibliographic information:

Adams, Damon Steven. “Early Pentecostal Stirrings in Tasmania, 1910-1933.” Journal of Australasian Pentecostal Studies 18 (2016).



This article provides the first recorded account of the earliest Pentecostal stirrings in Tasmania (Australia) prior to the arrival of the Apostolic Church in 1934. Through careful investigation it has been discovered that the first Pentecostal efforts in the state were those a of young Tasmanian woman in the northwest who had contact and connections with the Good News Hall in Melbourne, Victoria. Further, the article traces other Pentecostal activities in the state as well as additional connections to mainland Pentecostalism, all before 1934. Thus, this article establishes that there were early foundations laid which contributed towards the later formation of a permanent Pentecostal church in the Tasmania.


Journal of Australasian Pentecostal Studies (website: http://aps-journal.com/aps/index.php/APS/article/view/9485)

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