Ethics for Entrepreneurs

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This is the first book in the Ethics for Entrepreneurs series. This is utilizing a cutting edge approach to publishing. Entrepreneurs always encourage cutting edge approaches to improve life for everyone.

The Theanthropic Ethical category is one of the few scientific ethical categories. Entrepreneurs will appreciate the fact that this book is evaluated by fellow entrepreneurs who are professionals.

Entrepreneurs drive our business communities through resolving problems. This creates wealth for all stakeholders. All successful entrepreneurs establish businesses, enterprises, or professions that are based on ethical standards. For entrepreneurs the best ethical standards based upon scientifically verifiable, objective standards. Theanthropic Ethics(c) is one of the only ethical categories on which entrepreneurs can depend.

Theanthropic Ethics(c) is thoroughly evaluated within the context of entrepreneurship. Theanthropic Ethics(c) recognizes that freedom is an essential component for all entrepreneurs to become successful


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