Fatherlessness: Implications for God’s Word, Church, and World

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Lamb, Gregory E. “Fatherlessness: Implications for God’s Word, Church, and World,” CEJ 14.1 (2017): 99–108.


Abstract: What are the implications of fatherless families, be they single-mother households, same-sex marriages, or matriarchal cultures? Sadly, this has too often been an avoided topic within the context of the local church. As a result, a cacophony of competing secular voices seeks to fill this ministerial lacuna. While some see the role of “male” fatherhood as superfluous, this essay will argue that fatherlessness is a pervasive problem—an epidemic chiefly arising from two root causes: divorce-on-demand and unwed pregnancies—that has severe implications regarding God’s word, church, and world.

Key Words: Fatherlessness and Fatherless Families, Marriage and Family, Orphan Care, Matriarchal Cultures, the Fictive Family, the Bible and Family Values


Christian Education Journal (Biola University) (website: )

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