Finding Hagar

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Kuhn, Michael. Finding Hagar: God’s Pursuit of a Runaway. Carlisle, UK: Langham Global Library, 2019.



Finding Hagar probes the relentless pursuit by the living God of a fugitive woman who falls outside the line of his chosen people. This pursuit ensures Hagar’s destiny by giving her an identity as one who is seen and known by God himself.
Hagar’s story centers around a deeply personal dialogue with God concerning her past and her future, her story and her dreams; and while his promises are rooted in her reality, they also carry her forward to a new horizon of hope. Often recognized as one of the Bible’s most powerful stories of God’s love, which is always undeserved and unmerited, this book is a reminder of God’s abundant grace towards all people at a time when there is much division and animosity towards the descendants of Hagar. As we witness major displacement of peoples around the world, the story of Hagar – of God’s encounter with a displaced and oppressed woman – inspires hope and purpose for today’s fractured global community.


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