God as Teacher in Psalm 25

Bibliographic information:

Abernethy, Andrew T. “God as Teacher in Psalm 25.” Vetus Testamentum 65.3 (2015): 339-351



There are nearly fifty verses in Psalms where God is the subject of a verb for teaching. Six of these occurrences take place in Psalm 25. Advancing beyond previous research on God as teacher in Psalm 25, this article offers an alternative to the traditional interpretation that Ps 25:4–5 and 8–9 speak of God teaching sinners to enable them to obey torah. The case is made that these verses may be understood as God teaching his people about himself—his ways—by intervening in their circumstances, at times through a word of wisdom, rather than simply teaching them about his demands to help them overcome sin.


Brill, Vetus Testamentum (website: http://booksandjournals.brillonline.com/content/journals/10.1163/15685330-12301196;jsessionid=3uim9s1kbatbe.x-brill-live-03)

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