Heirs of Promise: The Church as the New Israel in Romans

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Sears, P. Chase. Heirs of Promise: The Church as the New Israel in Romans. Lexham Press: Bellingham, WA, 2015.



What is the relationship between the Church and Israel? And how does that influence our understanding of the Old Testament?

In Heirs of Promise, P. Chase Sears answers these questions by taking a biblical-theological approach to the book of Romans. He argues that Paul views the Church as the new Israel—not a replacement of Israel, but rather the continuation of Israel reconstituted in Christ. As the Son of God, Jesus is the true Israel, through whom all of God’s purposes for Israel and creation are realized. Through faith in Christ, the Church becomes God’s new covenant people and heirs of all his saving promises.

Sears examines how people united to Jesus find their identity in him. He explains how Old Testament promises made to Israel are being fulfilled in the Church. And he shows how Paul applies descriptions of Israel to all those who believe the gospel. These themes from Romans demonstrate that Paul considers the Church to be the new Israel, and thus Heirs of Promise.


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