HELL YES / HELL NO: What really is the extent of God’s grace . . . and wrath?

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Noe, John. Hell Yes / Hell No: What really is the extent of God’s grace . . . and wrath? Indianapolis, IN: East2West Press, 2011.


This compelling and controversial book strikes at the heart of Christian theology and Christianity itself. It presents a balanced and scholarly re-exploration of “one of Christianity’s most offensive doctrines”—Hell and the greater issue of the extent of God’s grace (mercy, love, compassion, justice) and wrath in the eternal, afterlife destiny for all people. Inside, conflicting views are re-evaluated, their strengths and weaknesses re-assessed, and all the demands of Scripture are reconciled into one coherent and consistent synthesized view. The author further suggests that our limited earthly view has been the problem, re-discovers the ultimate mystery of God’s expressed desire, will, and purpose, and transcends troubling traditions as never before. Bottom line is, God’s plan of salvation and condemnation may be far different and greater than we’ve been led to believe. In a clear and straightforward manner, this book lays out the historical and scriptural evidence as never before.


East2West Press

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