How Abrahamic Is ‘Abrahamic Dialogue’?

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Bristow, George. “How Abrahamic Is ‘Abrahamic Dialogue’?”. Journal of European Baptist Studies 18, no. 1 (Spr 2018): 7-21.



The article is concerned with ‘Abrahamic dialogue’ and the ‘increasing interest in investigating and utilising the common appeal to Abraham by Jews, Christians, and Muslims in today’s pluralistic world’. Bristow highlights both the potential and the challenges in such dialogue. He recognises that the shared study of such texts can bring about greater understanding among the adherents of the different faiths. He wishes, however, to go further, for he argues that if Christians are to be true to their understanding of Abraham as revealed in the Christian Scriptures, then such interfaith dialogue should include as a goal: ‘Persuasion of dialogue partners to positions different from previously held, including conversion’. He maintains that such a goal is not inconsistent with creating deeper relationships between people of different faiths and is, indeed, necessarily integral to that which may be called Abrahamic dialogue.


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