“Israel and Her Vocation: The Fourth Stage of Romans 11”

Bibliographic information:

Himes, Paul A. “Israel and Her Vocation: The Fourth Stage of Romans 11.” Bibliotheca Sacra 176 (Jan–March 2019): 35–50.



Some scholars speak of three stages of Israel’s salvation history in Romans 11. A closer examination, however, reveals that Paul delineates four stages in Romans 11, with the fourth stage representing the bountiful harvest reaped as a result of Israel reclaiming her vocation and mission to the world. Attention to this four- stage scheme may help mitigate the stereotype of dispensational- ism as a gloomy doctrine portraying each era as a failure, since both the church and Israel will, in fact, complete the mission to which God has called them.


Dallas Theological Seminary (website: https://www.dts.edu/resources/bibliotheca-sacra/)

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