It Shall Not Return Void

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Pardue, Micheal. It Shall Not Return Void. Rainer Publishing: 2014.



There is no greater need in the world today than to hear from God and to obey Him fully. That is the true source of revival. Micheal Pardue reminds us, with poignancy and passion, that the Word of God will have its intended effect. He writes, “Revival is when God’s Word is preached, and read, and understood. Revival is when God’s people fall in love with His Word. This renewal that so many believers say they want occurs when we rightly divide what God has said and embrace it as not only the guiding light of our lives, but the foundation on which our very existence as Christ followers must be built. God’s Word is light in the darkness, rain in the desert, shelter for the homeless, asylum for the refugee, and hope for sinners.” This is book about The Book. As you read It Shall Not Return Void, you will once again be reminded of the beauty, the power, and the life-changing impact of God’s Word.


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