“J. C. Ryle’s Views on Dispensationalism, Politics, and Culture”

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Cho, Sung. “J. C. Ryle’s Views on Dispensationalism, Politics, and Culture.” Journal of Ministry & Theology 25, no.1 (Spring 2021): 82-99.


Though J. C. Ryle (1816-1900) has been lauded as the greatest Victorian tract writer, his “Coming Events and Present Duties: Being Plain Papers on Prophecy” has received relatively less attention. In it, he lists eleven “chief articles” of his “prophetical creed.” From these articles, along with his other tracts and commentaries, one may conclude that Ryle was a premillennialist who held beliefs parallel to tenets of modern dispensationalism. Though not always consistent, these convictions grounded him in the midst of his social activism, internal ecclesiastical disputes, and associations with like-minded believers.


Journal of Ministry & Theology

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