“Jesus on Anger (Matt 5,22a): A History of Recent Scholarship”

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Black, David Alan and Thomas W. Hudgins. “Jesus on Anger (Matt 5,22a): A History of Recent Scholarship.” Pages 91–104 in Greeks, Jews, and Christians: Historical, Religious, and Philological Studies in Honor of Jesús Peláez del Rosal. Volume 1. Edited by L. Roig Lanzillotta and I. Muñoz Gallarte. Córdoba: El Almendro, 2013.



The text of Matt 5,22a continues to be a hotbed of discussion among scholars of the New Testament. Is the word εἰκῇ original or not? Most scholars think not. In an article published in Novum Testamentum in 1988, Black argued for its originality. This essay explores the question: What have scholars been saying about this variant since 1988?


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