Junius and Van Til on Natural Knowledge of God

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Shannon, Nathan. “Junius and Van Til on Natural Knowledge of God.” Westminster Theological Journal 82, no.2 (2020): 279–300.


This article compares the views of Franciscus Junius and Cornelius Van Til regarding pre- and post-fall natural knowledge of God. It is argued that while differences are clear, Junius and Van Til both claimed that pre-fall natural theology was not intended to function independently of special
revelation. Junius and Van Til also agree that post-fall natural theology, unaided by special revelation, is not theology in any meaningful sense. The conclusion, borrowed from Willem Van Asselt, is that for both Junius and Van Til the determining factor with regard to the structure and status of natural theology is the God-human relationship. This thesis, so far as it is true, enhances the historical credentials of Van Til’s characteristically neo-Calvinist view of natural theology and natural reason.


Westminster Theological Journal (website: https://wtj.wts.edu/)

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