Living Witness. Explorations in Missional Ethics

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Draycott, Andy and Jonathan Rowe, eds. Living Witness: Explorations in Missional Ethics. Leicester: Apollos, 2012.



Because God calls his people to be a living witness to him, morality is mission. Conversely, immorality is ‘anti-mission’, a failure to give true testimony or witness. This, in essence, is the theme of this stimulating and challenging volume. The whole life of the people of God, not just verbal proclamation, testifies to the church’s faith – or lack of faith – in her Lord.

The contributors explain that mission and ethics are intricately and necessarily interwoven, and explore why this is so by unpacking the biblical and theological roots of ‘missional ethics’, probing its limits and exploring its possibilities through examination of some foundational themes and a selection of specific issues.

Intended primarily for pastors and church leaders, this volume encourages reflection and conversation that will feed the life of the body of Christ. ‘Missional ethics’ concerns all the ways in which Christian ethical practice flows out of, supports and advances the wider mission of the church to proclaim the gospel.

The contributors are Brian Brock, M. Daniel Carroll R., Jonathan Chaplin, Guido de Graaff, Sean Doherty, Andy Draycott, Joshua Hordern, Matt Jenson, Grant Macaskill, Nathan Moser, Jonathan Rowe, Sarah Ruble and Christopher J. H. Wright.


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