Missional & Messianic Bible Commentary (3 vols.: OT & Apocrypha, Appendices; Gospels and Acts; Epistles, Appendices, Bibliography)

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T. D. Proffitt, III, Amazon KDP, 2020



This is an inter-textual Commentary commenting on Christology and Missiology in three volumes, 12 years in the making. Only verses commented upon are cited. It includes the Apocrypha, Appendices, and Bibliography. The work breaks new ground concerning “Biblical animism” and elitelore in the Bible and the Targumim as a source of Christology. The work is both practical and theoretical.

The Old Testament is arranged per the Jewish canon. In the New Testament, John’s Gospel follows Mark’s and Acts follows Luke’s Gospel. The work is inter-textual in that it interacts with the Qur’an, the Targumim, and current literature. Sources used are from the West and the Rest (Africa, S. Asia, Latin America, Middle East, E. Asia, ethnic U.S.). The Introduction and Table of Contents are in each volume. Publishing with Amazon makes it available world-wide at less cost and in e-book form also. Each volume may be purchased separately.


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