Off Target: 18 bull’s-eye exposes

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Noe, John. Off Target. Indianapolis.: East2West Press, 2012.



This book asks readers to ponder this tough and challenging question: Have we Christians been led astray by our own leaders; dumbed down in our theology by ideas, interpretations, teachings, doctrines of men, and traditions that will not stand up to an honest and sincere test of Scripture; and consequently drawn off target in the practice of our faith? The author, however, is not down on Christianity—just the opposite. He’s down on what we have done to it. Inside its 266 pages John Noē, Ph.D., re-explores what really is authentic Christianity versus today’s institutionalized and compromised versions that we’ve come to comfortably know and accept. In so doing, readers will discover that beliefs do have consequences. He maintains that this is why our modern-day versions pale in comparison with vibrancy and effectiveness of the Christianity that was preached, practiced, and perceived in the 1st century and turned that hostile world “upside down” (Acts 17:6 KJV). They also pale in contrast to the faith that brought our forefathers to America to found this country and establish its great institutions—most of which we moderns have given away to the ungodly crowd and without a fight. Bottom line is, we Christians are paying an awful price for our self-inflicted deficiencies. 18 key exposé areas comprise this book’s smorgasbord of relevant and significant topics, which have resulted in today’s dumbed-down dilemma and substandard versions of the Christians faith. These exposé areas are listed on the back cover.


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