Ontology and Revelation in Bavinck’s Stone Lectures

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Scottish Journal of Theology 73 (2020): 112-125



This essay examines Herman Bavinck’s Stone Lectures (1908), published as Philosophy of Revelation, for indications of a noteworthy conception of the relation between ontology and revelation. One discovers in the lectures that in responding constructively to various challenges to the Christian faith, Bavinck pushes in a direction documented in recent studies of his work: toward doctrinal organicism. What emerges in terms of ontology and revelation is Bavinck’s belief that Christianity is distinguished primarily by confession of a real divine relational initiative, understood in terms of the incarnation, which serves as the ontological precondition of divine revelation and thus as vindication of creaturely naming of God.


Cambridge Univ Press (website: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/scottish-journal-of-theology/article/ontology-and-revelation-in-bavincks-stone-lectures/5768BBF66D4ED29E43675761156F6088)

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