Quest for the Truth: Through the Doctor of Applied Ethics programme

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Keen, Brian. Quest for the Truth: Through the Doctor of Applied Ethics programme. 2016.


This is your invitation to participate in the Quest for the Truth. This is one of the greatest quests in the world since the Truth is an absolute necessity. This is one of the greatest challenges for you today.

As the author, I’m inviting you to join me in this Quest. The Truth isn’t a concept. The Truth is a real goal for the benefit of all mankind.

The Truth teaches us and challenges us. We learn to love through the Truth.

You will learn the Truth utilizing the same methodologies as all scientists. Aside from the Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) degree programme there is no doctorate degree that allows the student to acquire the tools to diagnose the problems relating to an enterprise that uses scientifically-verifiable objective standards. The term enterprise represents any type of business or organization, including charitable ones or associations.

The key is to live for the Truth. When you live for the Truth you will find this doctorate programme appropriate.

Ethicists seek the Truth through Illumination in order to become a doctor who can diagnose and offer therapy to those who are hurting.

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