Reformer of Basel: The Life,Thought and Influence of Johannes Oeciolampadius

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Poythress, Diane. Reformer of Basel: The Life, Thought, and Influence of Johannes Oecolampadius. Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage, 2011.



Johannes Oecolampadius (1482-1531) was used by God to bring about the reformation of the church in Basel, Switzerland. Theologically, he was reformed and a father of Calvinism, being clearly copied by Calvin. It was his zeal for elders and synods, excommunication, and independent church authority which spread throughout Reformed churches. He wrote commentaries on most books of the Bible, employing advanced hermeneutics with the highest scholastic rigor. His interactions encompassed Zwingli, Erasmus, Reuchlin, Luther,Bucer,Capito, Farel, and the Waldensians, among others. He was known as the most gifted linguist in 4 languages of his day, restructured the university, preached at the cathedral, wrote, visited the sick and parishioners, was a husband and father of three, protected the dissenters, nudged the city government into Reformation, and introduced reformed liturgy and congregational singing. None of his writings have been translated except what is found at the end of this book from his commentary Isaiah 36-37. No other book on him exists in English.


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