“Schleiermacher’s Repudiation of Dordrecht in His Essay, ‘On the Doctrine of Election’”

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Thorsell, Paul R. “Schleiermacher’s Repudiation of Dordrecht in His Essay, ‘On the Doctrine of Election.’” International Journal of Systematic Theology 18.2 (April 2016):154-73.



Friedrich Schleiermacher intended his essay ‘On the Doctrine of Election’ to defend the Augustinian/Calvinian logic of the Reformed doctrine of unconditional election. Counterintuitively he repudiated the Synod of Dordrecht which similarly defended unconditional election for reasons both political/ecclesiastical and theological. Politically he wanted to protect the newly united Reformed-Lutheran Church in Prussia and the Synod had ended up dividing the Reformed churches over the doctrine of election. Theologically Schleiermacher sought a revised doctrine of election to eliminate any bifurcation between the blessed and the damned in God’s decree and to elide completely the notion of eternal punishment in hell.


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