“Scripture and Other Voices in Paul’s Theology”

Bibliographic information:

Belleville, Linda. “Scripture and Other Voices in Paul’s Theology.” In Paul and Scripture: Extending the Conversation. Edited by Christopher D Stanley, pp. 233-263. Atlanta: SBL, 2012.



This book, which grew out of the Society of Biblical Literature’s Paul and Scripture Seminar, explores some of the methodological problems that have arisen during the last few decades of scholarly research on the apostle Paul’s engagement with his ancestral Scriptures. Essays explore the historical backgrounds of Paul’s interpretive practices, the question of Paul’s “faithfulness” to the context of his biblical references, the presence of Scripture in letters other than the Hauptbriefe, and the role of Scripture in Paul’s theology. All of the essays look at old questions through new lenses in an effort to break through scholarly impasses and advance the debate in new directions.


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