Shengjing Yalanwen

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Scott N. Callaham, Shengjing Yalanwen. Taichung, Taiwan: Jin Xuan, 2021.


This is the Chinese edition of Biblical Aramaic for Biblical Interpreters, self-translated by the author for the Chinese linguistic and instructional setting.

While almost every textbook of Biblical Aramaic assumes a basic grasp of Biblical Hebrew as a prerequisite for Aramaic study, in both its English and Chinese editions, this is the first book to use students’ preexisting knowledge to full effect. Students comprehensively review Hebrew grammar and syntax, for the left facing page of the open book displays the Hebrew concepts students already know. Then the right facing page displays similar concepts in Aramaic, facilitating almost intuitive acquisition of new language knowledge. The result is a low-stress course that enables rapid learning with the goal of interpreting biblical passages written in Aramaic.


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