“Survival of the Fitted: God’s Providential Programming”

Bibliographic information:

Johnson, James J. S. “Survival of the Fitted: God’s Providential Programming.” Acts & Facts 39.10 (October 2010);17-18.



This article contrasts the reality of how God created humans and animals, to be providentially “fitted” to survive and thrive in the diverse habitats of the earth, to fit God’s goal revealed in Genesis 9. This Biblical creation perspective is contrasted with evolutionary “survival of the fittest” notions which presuppose quasi-creative power in an alleged “process” called “natural selection”. The article clarifies that inanimate “nature” (i.e., the physical environment) has no ability to think or prefer, much less “select” one creature for favorable treatment (or to “select” another creature for disfavorable treatment), so the metaphoric analogy of a human breeder is exposed as a deceptive bait-and-switch marketing ploy. (Many have recognized that “natual selection” cannot produce trans-kind “evolution” of biodiverse species, but this article goes further, rejecting even the concept of any so-called natural “selection” as a real-world “process” that can infuence any kind of biogenetic population changes.)


Institute for Creation Research (website: http://www.icr.org/article/survival-fitted-Gods-providential-programming )

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