“The Body of Christ Analogy in T. F. Torrance’s Ecumenical Ecclesiology”

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Shepherd V, Albert L. “The Body of Christ Analogy in T. F. Torrance’s Ecumenical Ecclesiology.” Participatio 6 (2016): 50-72.


T. F. Torrance, in the midst of early modern ecumenical dialogue, presented an ecclesial ontology robustly informed and determined by Christological categories. This is nowhere more evident than in his interpretation of the biblical image of the church as the “body of Christ.” In contrast to mystical interpretations of the image, Torrance argues that the “body of Christ” should be understood as an incarnational analogy. Christ’s humanity, resurrected and ascended, is the “essence” of the church. The church becomes what it already is in Christ by conforming to the newness of his humanity. In this way, Torrance constructs a powerful protestant and ecumenical account of the church’s being-in-becoming. The uniqueness and ecumenical purchase of Torrance’s proposal are here demonstrated.


Participatio (website: http://www.tftorrance.org/journal.php)

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