The Book of Romans

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Spurgeon, Andrew B. The Book of Romans. Asia Bible Commentary Series. Edited by Bruce J. Nicholls. Manila, Philippines: Asia Theological Association, 2013.



It is a commentary on Romans with Asian cultural applications. An unique contribution is the reading of Romans with the cultural tension of AD 50, between Jews and Gentiles, in mind. When Claudius expelled the Jews, even the Jewish Christians like Aquila and Priscilla left Rome, leaving the leadership in the hands of Gentile Christians. Soon after that, the Gentiles in the church prided in their salvation and assumed that God had ignored Israelites whom He once loved. Paul argues in Romans that the Jews were first and then the Gentiles. Both groups were equally sinful and in need of God’s righteousness. As such, this commentary traces the Jew-Gentile equality presented in Romans.


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