The Box: Answering the Faith of Unbelief

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Biehl, Craig. The Box: Answering the Faith of Unbelief. Horsham, PA: & Pilgrim’s Rock Press, 2014.



Is Christian faith reasonable and justified while the best arguments of atheism and agnosticism are no more than unjustified opinion? The answer will inspire you. The amusing banter between Mr. A and Mr. C get to the heart of the matter when Mr. A humbly admits his inability to know the contents of Mr. C’s antique box while claiming to know that which requires knowledge of everything in the universe and beyond. In a single breath Mr. A went from a reasonable confession of his human limitations to presuming the omniscience of the God he denies. In this Mr. A displayed his atheism (and later agnosticism) to rest on faith in an ability to know what he cannot possible know. When Christians see how and where this misplaced faith underlies the most sophisticated arguments of unbelief, they can better appreciate the reliability of faith in Christ, stand firm and unintimidated in the face of all unbelieving arguments, and respond with greater grace and peace.

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