The Creation of Evil: Casting light into the purposes of darkness

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Noe, John. The Creation of Evil: Casting Light into the Purposes of Darkness. Indianapolis: East2West Press.



More than any other issue or challenge, this classic problem of evil has caused countless Christians to stumble and abandon their faith. Consequently, few topics in the history of Christianity and Western civilization have been discussed, debated, and written about more than the existence of evil, pain, and suffering in our world.
Sadly, however, the history of orthodox Christian thought on this matter has been one of evasion, depreciation, overt protection, and deflection.

The reality of good and evil has become a conundrum of unscriptural notions that have evolved over many years and appeal to most Christians. Therefore, this book re-explores the question of who is responsible for the creation of evil in the first place and its purposes. Of course, some say Satan is responsible. Others say sin. Many cite human free will. A few say pre-creation chaos. Others admit they don’t know; it’s a mystery. But some say God. Most agree that God allows, permits, and even uses evil in our world. But is He responsible for more than that? Today, all over the world, people are suffering from evil, even horrendous evil.

Today, all over the world, people are suffering from evil, even horrendous evil. The two traditional and persistent questions are: Why is this so? and Where is God in all this? In this book, you will discover better answers and explanations than you’ve been given before as we scripturally and historically re-explore:

• Why evil made Christianity necessary
• The perplexing problems of evil
• The perpetuating problems of evil
• The ordained origin of evil
• The dualistic dynamic of evil
• The confounding confusion of natural evil
• The planned purposes of evil
• Our rehearsed responses to evil
• Light at the end of the darkness


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