The Greater Jesus: His Glorious Unveiling

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Noe, John. The Greater Jesus. Indianapolis: East2West Press, 2012.



This compelling new book addresses this most relevant question—What is Jesus like and doing today? The author first suggests that to get to know someone, anyone, it is important we learn about their past—what they were like and what they did. But what is more important is what they are like and doing today. Why so? It’s because people change. Well, so has Jesus. Yet every week in churches around the world people gather to hear a story. For almost two thousand years that story has been told and retold. It’s about a man named Jesus of Nazareth—his birth, life, death, and resurrection. It’s been dubbed “the greatest story ever told.” Make no mistake, that story is important—very important. It’s about a real historical human being—the historical Jesus—who walked, breathed, and left huge footprints in the sand of history and in the lives of countless billions ever since. But that story is also 2,000-year-old history! He’s not like that anymore! This book unveils and lays out what Jesus, the contemporary Christ, is like and doing today. It also challenges its reader, throughout, and concludes by asking—Which Jesus will be the Jesus you now follow?


East2West Press

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