The Law of Christ: God’s Will for New Testament Believers.

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Law, George R. The Law of Christ: God’s Will for New Testament Believers. Pfafftown, NC: Ready Scribe Press, 2011.



What does the Bible mean by “the Law of Christ”?

In this book, George Law answers many questions concerning the Law of Christ. His book provides an in-depth study on the Law of Christ. Every believer who desires to be a disciple and to please God will want to learn the commands Christ gave in the New Covenant. In the New Covenant, Christ hands down Ten New Commandments concerning God’s will for New Testament believers. Those who practice the Law of Christ will be molded into godliness. Those who do not practice the Law of Christ will have to account for their lawless lives.

In an appendix, Law explains how the Gospel of Matthew preserves the formal record of the New Covenant. The New Covenant can be recognized because it was fashioned with standard covenant elements just like other ancient Near Eastern covenants. Just as Moses used the literary form of an ancient Near Eastern covenant treaty to fashion the Old Covenant recorded in Deuteronomy, Christ also used a similar ancient literary form to fashion the New Covenant recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.


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