The Parian Marble and Other Surprises from Chronologist V. Coucke

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Young, Rodger. “The Parian Marble and Other Surprises from Chronologist V. Coucke,” in Andrews University Seminary Studies, 48 (2110): 225-249.


Valerius Coucke was a Belgian professor who discovered the basic principles of the chronology of the Hebrew kingdom period some years before they were discovered by Edwin R. Thiele, who did not know of Coucke’s work. Except for the brief acknowledgement of his work when Thiele became aware of Coucke’s findings, his writings were forgotten. This is demonstrated by later scholars such as F. M. Cross who used the Tyrian King List of Josephus/Menander to date the foundation of Solomon’s Temple to the year 968/967 BC, a date that is consistent with Thiele’s date for the division of the monarchy, and also is exactly the date derived by Coucke in 1928 from the same Tyrian data. But Cross and others make no mention of Coucke’s prior work. Coucke used other classical sources to confirm this date, including the date of the Parian Marble for the fall of Troy. The Marble’s date for the fall of Troy agrees with other classical references that place this event 239 years before the founding of Solomon’s Temple.


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