The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America

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Snavely, Bruce. The Second Reformation: Baptists in Colonial America. Nashville: B&H, 2011.



This book provides a significant understanding of Baptist principles and proliferation in Colonial America as a direct result of the Great Awakening, and indirectly from Puritan/Separatist efforts to further the European Reformation in the Colonial world. Under the rubric of the Second Reformation, the author demonstrates how the Puritan-Separatist effort at making the invisible church more visible, had ultimately failed within the first century of Colonial history. Then in the aftermath of the Great Awakening, the Baptists essentially took over the Puritan-Separatist effort of continued reformation by rejecting birth-right baptism and demanding both the new birth and adult baptism for both church membership and church privilege. This usurpation of the Second Reformation effort by Baptist leaders such as Isaac Backus, among others, enabled the Baptists to become one of the fastest growing evangelical groups by the middle of the eighteenth century and beyond.


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