“The Text of Acts in MS Bibl. Nationale Syr. 30”

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McConaughy, Daniel L. “The Text of Acts in MS Bibl. Nationale Syr. 30.” Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies 24, no.2 (2021): 453-490.


This paper extends Andreas Juckel’s important 2009 article, “Research on the Old Syriac Heritage of the
Peshitta Gospels: A Collation of MS Bibl. Nationale Syr. 30” (Hugoye 12.1, 41-115). The research herein is based on
collating the text of Acts contained in this noteworthy Syriac Biblical manuscript against the standard Peshitta
text and forty-two other Peshitta manuscripts and more than one hundred fifty Syriac patristic sources. The
collations show that the text of Acts in BNS30 has approximately 230 non-orthographic variant readings, of
which 117 are unique variants not found in other Peshitta, Harklean or Christian Palestinian Aramaic MSS of Acts.
There are approximately 51 agreements with the Harklean version. This paper shows that the statistical
textual profile of Acts in MS Bibl. Nationale Syr. 30 is consistent with Juckel’s findings regarding the Gospel text
of this manuscript. It also provides analyses of selected readings and a complete collation of the manuscript.


Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute and Gorgias Press (website: http://bethmardutho.org/)

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